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What would you use?

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Starting up a planted tank again after a few years hiatus. I'm interested in doing a hight lighting with co2 and ferts set up and I am lost in which lighting fixture to go with. Im leaning towards a t5Fo fixture but I am open to other ideas. I have a regular 75g tank and would like to spend under $300. What brands or fixtures would y'all put on it?
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Welcome to TPT and back to the hobby! :icon_cool

LED fixtures are the latest and greatest in aquarium lighting... but I don't know if there's a fixture for your size tank in that budget?

You should have quite a few T5HO fixture options, however. Catalina Solar T5HOs are my own personal favorites:
Build my led for that size is $270
For budget I would look at LED flood light. Here in Australia shipping costs and markup means that there is no such thing as specific planted tank lights for cheap. I have had great success with LED floods since switching from a rather cheap t5ho.

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I do really like those catalina light fixtures. I have LED's on my reef tank and I love the look of them. What specifically does a freshwater planted tank need in terms of light spectrum in an LED fixture?
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