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What would you grade this girl as?

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She's one of my (very) few remaining females, and I'd like to start rebuilding my colony. So far she's been one of the most hardy shrimp I've had, and one of the best colored. She came from rili stock, which I'm going to use to explain away the gaps in her color, but she's quite nice looking anyways. If I was going to get more like her, what grade should I be looking for?
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Where she is "patched" look like a very nice opaque PFR red. The legs are nicely colored as well.

As you said, the clear patches keep her from being a totally colored PFR though, and she would likely be labeled a low quality sakura.

If you want more like her, why not just get high quality cherries? If you breed her, you are introducing the clear spot genes into the high quality ones and actually taking a step back in your selective breeding.
I only have a handful of shrimp total at the moment, including the sorry looking male behind her. I might just go for more rilis, since I do like the individual variation, but I'm still wanting the nice opaque color as well. Oddly enough, both came from the same cull tank. I'll probably do another cull before the pretty girl gets berried, and just try to let the population rebuild itself.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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