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What would you do? Euthanize or Wait? Frustrated!

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Question: Would you euthanize a seemingly healthy fish if it came from a badly diseased tank?

Context: For the past 3 months I've been battling a very stubborn strain of Columnaris in one of my tanks and failed miserably all three times. I have lost 15 guppies/endlers, a betta, 2 tetras and 6 boraras brigittae so far. These fish were not all in this tank at the same time btw. They were added at different times when I thought it was under control. The disease would come and go and just when I thought it was over it would rear it's ugly head again. I've tried several meds and changed water like a mad person. I am giving up and have decided to just tear the tank down, bleach it and tuck it away never to look at it again and focus on my other smaller tanks.

The Dilemma: is there are still a few inhabitants in the tank, 6 brigittae and 4 amano shrimp that look seemingly healthy to the eye. I don't know if I can bring myself to euthanize these remaining animals if they look/are healthy. The endlers that died had very obvious columnaris symptoms, but the rasboras that died just disappeared. Not sure if they died from the same thing actually. I'll be throwing away a lot of healthy looking plants as well. :(

I could save the remainder and move them to my other tanks, but I'm worried they are "contaminated" or carriers of the nasty disease. Not sure if the amano shrimp can be carriers of fish diseases? One particular rasbora I am really attached to as well. He's my dominate male and the most beautiful tiny thing I have raised. I really want to save him and add him to my other shoal in another tank, but I just don't know what the risks are. I can barely look at this tank anymore. It's just a death tank.

What would you do? Start over completely and don't risk it by moving the fish around? Wait this tank out? Pretty sure the disease isn't going away in this tank without drastic overhaul. I don't want this disease tank anymore.

Sorry for the long post :(. Need some advice. Thanks.
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