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Hey everyone,

I am planning to build a new tank up from scratch. The tank will be a 50 breeder with canister filter, press. CO2 high light, etc. I want to keep plants like:

rotala wallichi,
rotala green,
blyxa japonica,
R. arcuata,
R. verticilaris,
R. mini I &/or II,
R. nanjenshan,
M. mattogrossense green,
R. yatabeanus,
E. tenellus,
L. aromatica hippuroides,
peacock, taiwan, or any other moss,
Proserpinaca palustris,
D. diandra,
M. tuberculatum,
B carolinia,
H. difformis,
R. macrandra green
Rotala sp. 'green'

and any suggestions anyone has. I was planning to use ADA amazonia aquasoil or eco complete, not quite sure yet.

What are your guys' thoughts on the plants. WOuld they all be compatible in this environment?

Life stock I haven't decided yet, and I would love to keep some S. repsplendens but they like a little basic and hard, so thats a no go. Probably some sort of tetra and otehrs, not really looking to breed in this tank, thats what my other seven are for ;)

Hardscape will be consisting of some sort of stones, and driftwood. The stones should not be seen, so I'll have to hide those.

Please let me know your thoughts.


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My 65 gallon Aqueon tank riparium, with the stand, cost me about $500, but I already had the light fixture. Look at the riparium threads and see if that interests you.
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