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what would cuse this ? new anubias leaves are Distorted

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Hi all i hope you all have a good day

my new anubias nana and Anubias Congensis leaves are Distorted and strange

what i can do about it

they are getting low light i do use ferts and DIY co2 i use MTS as substrate

i have 5x balon molly 14x apple snails but i haven't seen them attacking plants , 1x small pleco 1x otos and 1x algae eater and 1x fighter fish

i have no algae problem

here are the pics

and would any one kindly ID the anubias in the 1st pic is it anubias nana or Petite Nana
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Looks like snails eating the tips of the just emerging leaves.

And that first one is regular Nana, not petite. 'Petite' is tiny. :smile:
def getting eaten by something. But don't be too concerned, those leaves are brand new, and not fully developed yet. They will be fine and not effect your plants growth. I have seen much worse, and real distortion of anubias.
so thats not bad lighting , water parameters, or fertz ?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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