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what veggies to plant for my shrimp

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ok so with places getting packs of veggies in i really want to plant some this year. what all do your shrimp eat and would be good for containers? i will update the list as i get some good ones so just reply and i will add them to the list on this post (#1 post) so all can see. even if they dont do great in containers list any way

1. spinach
2. kale
3. stringing nettle
4. zucchini
5. cucumber
6. mullberry
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Actually Wicca plant a mulberry bush leaves great for the shrimp. Also can use the leaves as a tea for diabetes
mulberrys around here are not good to many birds eat and then stain the pain on your car lol. im not planting anything i cant move and fruit bushes dont do well when you dig them up. but thanks for the add i will post it as well
What a fun idea! Look into "spacesaver" and "bush" type varieties of the zukes and cukes, as they'll do much better in your containers than the standard varieties. Also, hot weather tolerant spinaches will last longer into your season.

My Otos won't eat Romaine lettuce, and I haven't tried it with my shrimp yet, but people report that one goes over well too. There are some cute "petite" heads of that and other lettuces that do well in pots. (And are delicious for humans, too!)

ETA: also, you may already have containers planned, but I made myself two of these "earthtainers" last season and they were amazing; everything I put in them did way better than my other pots/buckets. Don't be intimidated by the plans... It's two nested Rubbermaid tubs, with an under reservoir for water between them. The only tools I used were a handheld drill and a good, sturdy pair of scissors. I used a cheap Tupperware with holes in it for the wicking basket and cable ties instead of washers/bolts to hold them together.
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Some veggies I'm growing are corn, carrots, butter lettuce, artichokes and squash. I think shrimp will like these

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i was at a green house the other day and got a great idea for cucumbers and im going to try it with zucchini i think as well. they just planted them in hanging baskets like you would put flowers in. they even had some with cucumbers ready to eat lol. figured it would be a good space saver to do them that way
lettuce or spinach?
All types of squash, pumpkins. My shrimp love butternut squash and pumpkin
fun fact: you can buy 'gourmet' dandelion seeds

which type of kale do you guys grow?
just plant a little of everything... or 3 plant out of the list you have... that way you can feed your shrimps something different every other day...
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