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What type of plants should i get?

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Greetings all,

I have a question regarding adding new plants to my 46Gallon Bow Front. There are some blank spots, particularly near the right back, middle back, and front.

I am thinking of planting some Hemianthus Cuba for carpeting, and some Rotala Indicas for the background, but thought I'd come here for some opinions first.

Here is my set-up:

Let me know what you guys think!
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A nice red or yellow planting would look good in the back behind the tallest driftwood. I use these red/pink/yellow plants in my 220g:

Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden"
Limnophila aromatica 'hippuroides'
Proserpinaca Palustris
Rotala wallichii
Rotala macrandra
Myriophyllum tuberculatum

The Limnophila looks georgeous once established but it is alittle slower to get going. The Myriophyllum grows super easy and has a very unique color. Rotala Indica grew way too horizontal for my liking and ended up taking it out. Rotala Wallichii grows great even without CO2 but only ends of the plants will be pink if there isn't enough light. If you have high light then the entire stem will be pink (that's what mine is like). Oh it also grows better in softer water. The Nesaea has been fairly easy to grow and maintain its pink stems with yellow leaves, also new leaf growth at first has a salmon color to them. The hardest is the Rotala Macranda, it was just slow to take off (and it didn't help that all the plants came in pretty bad looking). Another good plant is Red Lotus, I have a really nice red one that I keep all leaves trimmed off for a full bushy look. It would look really nice on the far right also.
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+1 all good choices.

Rotala Indica is better when it trails the surface as it does tend to lose the lower leaves.

Rotala macrandra requires a lot of light.

I would try Ludwidgia repens or ovalis in the back right corner.

I could send you Ludwidgia, Limnophila aromatica, a small red tiget lotus for the cost of shipping except I have never shipped to Canada...
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