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What type of moss am I looking for

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I want to make these branches green. I dont want to give it the hanging down look. I want something that will just cover the surface and compact.

What would look the best?
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Why not let them grow some green algea and don't clean it?
Is there a method to promoting that kind of algea quickly?
I wouldn't go around intentionally introducing algae to my tanks. Look into Fissidens moss.
If you want to create a "tree like" look, go for subwassertang.

This pic will probably give you a good idea:
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definitely fissidens but it will cost you some $$ to get these branches covered unless you want to grow it out yourself.
Which do u like better? Fissidens slow grower on bottom. Algea on top pic


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Houbanna, those both look amazing. I like the look of the Fissens best. I found a guy local selling golf balls for 5.00 each, I'm grabbing 5 of them on friday. I'm fine letting them grow out. I get more reward out of planting a little and watching it fill in. Besides growing slow. The light I have on this tank is a Finnex ultra slim r, 3pm-9pm daily. Will it manage ok? I plan to keep the water temp at 76-78* for a betta. No Co2, as of yet. Once the 55g above it gets put on a pressurized system, I want to T it off and run this tank off it as well. That's a few months away though.
I wish they had some here available, always wanted to try some. Awesome wood scape, post some pics for us when u get em all tied up
Houbanna, if you would like. I can grab an extra few and ship them to you. He has a bunch, it would 5.00 each plus flat rate shipping. I dont mind.
That's nice thought, thank you but I just got a bunch of flame moss I need to find some room for first. Maybe I can hit u up for some trimmings down the road when fills in
Sounds good, I Will update after I get them attached
Got the tank running. Just waiting on my heater to get here. Im going to add ammonia tomorrow and some more sand. More plants on the way, just not sure with ones. Crypt and more anubias. I can split some of my nana and hastafolia.

Here is how it turned out

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