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What type of manzanita plant actually produces the wood we use? Spiderwood?

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I now own property, and in the interest of the hobby I am wondering what type of tree produces spiderwood? And which type of manzanita produces the pieces most people use here?

I live in zone 7a, and I know most manzanita plants won't grow other than the snow drift manzanita. I'm really more curious about spider wood. If there are ways to incorporate these into my landscaping and eventually harvesting them, it might be the most benificial shrub/tree for me.

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Most 'wood' sold as spider wood is the root of a Rhododendron.
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I don't think the exact species of Manzanita really matters. The reason it is used so much is because of the unique twisted shape and red color of it's branches. So if you can find one that grows in your climate and still has the interesting branches, then go for it.
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