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What type of algae(?) is this?

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Hey all, was just looking at my tank and noticed this stuff at the bottom of the driftwood, thought it was an algae (haven't seen it before + wasn't there when i originally bought the plants/driftwood) but I cant be too sure.

Checked out but couldn't see anything too similar too it. It is really only situated around the roots of the plants (the stringy looking stuff), other then that the only algae I get on the tank is on the glass/leaves and looks very similar to Green Spot Algae. Any ideas what it is/whats causing it/solutions?

My light is an AquaOne Coral Power.
4 x 54w T5 Tubes.

  • 2 x Sunlight tubes
  • 1 x Marine tube
  • 1 x Tropical tube

  • Lighting cycle if I'm working all day is only 5-6 hours at night.
  • Lighting cycle if I'm at home during the day is about 8 hours.
  • Have a small Fluval CO2 Setup with it being on 3-4 hours a day at 1bps
  • I only feed fish once a day, decent amount of flakes with some shrimp pellets for all my catfish.
  • I dose the tank once a week with API Leaf Zone (plant food)

Any feedback is welcome, very appreciative if someone could help me out! lol

Cheers :D


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That looks like java moss.
That looks like java moss.
Haha, that what i was saying. I cant see any algae unless there is some BBA in some dark corner of that picture, but the last one def looks like java moss. Which is good :D
Ahh really? Does it grow naturally?
Haha that's awesome, thanks so much for clearing that up, made my day lol :D
Java moss will be a pest if you don't want it. It's like duck weed once you have it it is hard to get rid of because the filaments break off and go all over the tank and start growing new clumps

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Sweet thanks for letting me know, shyxa.
I don't mind it too much where it is, i'll just get rid of some every water change to keep it under control :)
I thought we were looking at what looks to be a sword plant that has Green Spot Algae on it.
I thought we were looking at the roots from the anubias lol.

I dispise java moss. -,-
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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