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What to do with water

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OK, I admit that all of you experts probably do this anyway but I recently discovered something about the water I remove during water changes: it is likely to have some decomposing food and plant matter as well as nitrates and nitrites in it which are all very healthy for plants. I started using it to water my indoor and patio plants rather than just dump it down the drain and they are flourishing!

I got the idea when I bought a tillandsia air plant. The grower recommended soaking them in aquarium water (if you have it) instead of fertilizer because of the nutrients in the aquarium.
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I put up a really large garden for the summer and I can go through anywhere from 40 to 60 gallons of water daily from the fish room from mid-May right through October. While all the claims are 100% correct in the case of the vast majority of houseplants, it isn't doesn't necessarily preclude fertilizing garden plants. It certainly doesn't hurt (my string bean crop will attest to it!), but it's rather difficult to measure as opposed to an organic fertilizer with a recommended per sq. ft application rate.
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