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Hello fellow high tech tankers, this is a question for you. I will be gone next week for 5-6 days, I'm I don't know what to do with my tank. I have a timer for my lights, btw.

Should I keep it on? I've been having trouble lately with giving too much for the fish, but I'm also having problems with bba and growth. What do you do? I'm especially worried since I have an unreliable MA 957.

Should I double dose before I go? Decrease light so I don't get an algae bloom?

You think my three honeycombs will be fine with an extra helping of bloodworms before I go? I also would toss in a slice of zucchini the day before.

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If it's just 5-6 days.

If your really worried I would do a large water change (~70%) before you leave and turn off co2. If you have a way to do this I would even leave the lights off for a full day during your trip.

I would do a regular dose before you leave and yes reduce light duration by a couple of hours or more.

Feed before you leave and don't feed again till you get back.

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My solution, given the time frame, would be to double dose ferts (possibly split over the two days before leaving) and go have fun. And if I was feeling really, *really* inadequate, I'd do another W/C after I got back and start over with the dosing.

My feel on this is that unless you have a truly high-light tank that requires daily tweaking, there's no need to overthink things. Just double up beforehand, maybe with a waterchange thrown in, and go enjoy life.

We often have the urges of those parents that everybody seems to be covertly critical of. You know the type - their kids can't possibly survive unless they're there 24/7, and if they leave for even a moment, something horrible will happen.

Planted tanks are generally like most kids - you can walk away for a (short) quiet smoke, and when you come back ...they won't even notice you've been gone.
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