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Hello all, well im getting a tad depressed about the state of my aquarium.
For ages it has been a planted tank with co2 injection and was doing well for a long time.
However recently ive let it go a little and as you can see from the pictures its now down to a pretty minimum planted tank with plants and carpet not doing great at all.
I pulled a load of plants out including the swords and most of the long leafed plants.
Its now time to do something about it but in my head would just like a nice carpet of Monty with some wood of some kind.
I have a tiny piece of spider wood if thats what it's called.
Not even sure what the plant names are for what i have left in the tank, lots of moss which i cant get rid of.. some very unhappy monty but the others i havnt a scooby on the names.
I would like your input, as i have now got rid of my Co2 system and decided thats just too much work for me, plants were growing ok then for some reason just all went pear shaped and now this is what i have.
In my head i would like a lovely carpet of carlo pretty much covering the whole bottom of the tank, maybe a lot more wood to give the tank some sense of height, i just want it looking nice, nothing complicated this time..
I have on hand ferts, EI style and a load of seachem products.. so for dosing carbon and ferts is no problem.
If this was your tank guys and girls what would you do?, or any advice to help me gain the tank i would like.
Hopefully i can attach both photos of when it was nice and how it is now.
Its 110 Litres , i am using RO water remineralised. OASE filter, Ill try and get more photos for you all.
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