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What to do with fish while I plant my HC

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I just got some HC in from SnS today for my 5 gal and I'm about halfway through planting it, however, my corys and my kuhli loaches I fear will be causing me grief when I read that bottom dwellers tend to uproot HC before it can get a chance to hold on. How long does it usually take for it to start rooting? What can I do with my fish in the mean time while I let it settle in? Should I leave them in and hope for the best?
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It will be a game - they uproot every night and you replant every morning. Eventually root systems will develop and it won't be a problem any more, but until then it's just gonna be obnoxious.
Ok, now one of my mystery snails is munching away at my newly planted HC! D8
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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