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What to do with Anacharis?

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I have a small bunch of looooong Anacharis in my tank. They're not exactly the prettiest thing out there, but I don't want to throw them away either. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do with them?
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i put my extra in with my small goldfish in my 120. they like it and its growing slow but steady in there. Other things i've done is feed it to red eared sliders :).

You can cut the long stalks into halves or thirds and replant them, eventually you'll have enough to cover a wall of your tank, either the back, a side or a corner, etc...

This thread is comedy.

It's the only species in my tank that I have to hack at least twice a week, to keep it from shading my other plants.

No wonder it was so cheap! :D

Braid 3 stalks together. That would look nice. Kind of like a braided ficus.
101 Uses for Anacharis
Make a Hawaiian grass skirt.
Braid together to make a lariat.
Tie up the dog.
Tie down the kids.
Glue it together in flat sheets, silicone sheets together in a box shape, fill with water and plant anacharis in it.
Weave into a seine net to catch those pesky CAEs in your 180 gallon tank.
Tie up a loose car muffler.
Knit blankets for Christmas gifts.
Mend ranch fence.
Hang a porch swing.
Cargo netting.

Seriously, maybe offer it as an RAOK in the Swap and Shop forum here?
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Give it to me, I'll give it to my Tropheus, it won't last a hour. Haha
101 Uses for Anacharis
Seriously, maybe offer it as an RAOK in the Swap and Shop forum here?

I've always wondered... what does ROAK stand for?
Yep, Random Act of Kindness. It's offering to give someone something for totally free or no more than shipping costs. Nice, huh? :)
Ahhhhh.... I get it now. How sweet of you haha.
:hihi: This thread cracks me up...

... a quick serious comment, whatever you do, don't let that bugger out in your yard or into any local waterways. Anacharis is the poster child for noxious weeds everywhere. It's like aquarium kudzu.
agreed with a couple of other posts, I pay for shipping, my turtle eats it.

I can send pictures too if you would like of the happy turtle!
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