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What to do next?

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So, I have been trying to re-scape by 125 gallon tank to make it look more like the awesome tanks I see on this forum. I added about 90 lbs of black ying stone to create a kind of mountain range scape. What I like about it is that the width of the tank is now much more prominent, which is nice since the aquarium is being used as a room divider. Nevertheless, I still think it looks a bit mediocre as an aquascape -- of course the stem plants are still growing in so maybe some of this is my impatience.

Although I won't have much time to work on it aggressively for a few months, I was thinking of adding more spiderwood (azalea) root or manzanita wood between the rocks. I wonder how some of the more experienced aquascapers might improve this tank.

Anyway, here is what it looks like currently...

Here is a more detailed look at the right side of the tank...

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I think the main issue with the scape is that it lacks a true focal point and the stones are scartered all across the tank, rather than having a purposeful place.
That being said I don't think it looks too bad. Just focus all the taller plants in one corner and go shorter from there as a start.

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Thanks Opare, I think I agree with you. My original goal was to create a focal point on the left side at the 1/3rd width point. I had hoped that adding lots of red plants there would draw the eye to the ravine between the two hills, but instead the aquascape looks like one long range/wall. (Of course, I still need the red plants to really grow in and color up, but I am not sure that the color will be sufficient on its own to create a focal point). I think I have two solutions:

1. Move the Ammania senegalensis and Augustifolia over to the 1/3rd point.
2. Create a higher slope leading up to the ravine in the right 2/3rds of the tank.

Here it is currently:

And here is where I think the focal point should be and the slope angle:

Here is a close up of the "ravine":

And a broad shot of the tank in the room:

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I don't exactly know what to do but if I was scaping this from the start I would have maybe banked up some substrate in one of the corners and maybe used less stones.
Try out your solutions I think they could work.

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Well, here is what I've done for now... (I fiddled with the contrast in this photo so that the background is darker and you don't see my blinds)

Instead of banking up the center higher, I just removed a lot of the anubias on the right side and dispersed the rhizomes. My hope is that creating two mild hills will lend more coherence and a true focal point at the 2/3rds point. I am still thinking about adding wood to the top of the rocky mounds -- I really am inspired by George Farmer's 220 and Mot's latest IAPLC entry. But maybe it's overkill.

Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome. Thanks for reading....
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