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I currently have a 4 year old GLO lighting system with two T5 HO bulbs with individual reflectors directly mounted on to my wooden canopy. But recently one of the water guards that screw into the endcap has broken and the bulb falls out of the end cap when I lift open the canopy. There are probably ways to rig it but Santa wants to get me a gift and I think there are some nicer systems out there. Unfortunately Santa doesn't know anything about fish tanks, he only has reindeer pets, so I need to tell him what I want.

I would like something would give me more bulbs so I could add a Colormax bulb and maybe a little more light. I also love moon lights! However, I am having trouble finding a system that seems like it would give me all of this and fit in my canopy in a way that the top can still open (the part that opens is about 8.5" and it sits about 4 inches over the top of the tank). The tank is a 55 gallon (48"x13") and wont fit more than two individual reflectors.

This is all I could find, which seems awfully cheap and I doubt would be very good.

Any suggestions? Am I just asking for too much? What do you use?
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