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What the heck is this stuff??

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alright guys I can't seem to get rid of this stuff!! I remove it and it keeps coming back!! first of all what is it??

second How do I get rid of it??

water parameters: 29gal

Light- 65 watts for 10hrs with a 3hr burst of additional 65 watts

this stuff grows on anything substrate included and its slimey and easy to remove

help me out here people
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I should also add that I have 3 ottos, 2 SAE and 3 amano shrimp now in this tank
Cut it out. Is it smelly? More water changes. Cut down EI substantially.Two day blackout for starters, maybe three.
how new is your tank? Cherries love that stuff.
I've had it before. I think it's just a bad case of hair algae. You'll need to remove it, although I think shrimp and maybe SAEs will eat it (just not *that* much). I always got it when Co2 wasn't getting circulated well enough (ie, low Co2), although excess nutrients probably play a large part.
my tank is fairly new. about a month now. Something has eaten all of it off of my hc but its still bad in my fissiden and the bottoms of my stems. I am not dosing nitrate because it's staying at 10ppm with my fish and the Aquasoil. I will be putting cherries in as soon as I have enough bigger ones.
Month old and new tank - well... Might be diatoms on hair algae. If its diatoms the Otos will be on it bigtime. New tanks can take some months to settle in as you know.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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