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What the Finnex ?!?! Im so confused

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I have a 45G 20" deep tank and looking to grow some Monte Carlo, Ludwigia and Crypts. So as you can see, nothing crazy. Im using 3" of ADA Aquasoil and will be dosing Excel daily. I was looking into getting a Finnex LED light fixture but I see three different models and cant tell the difference between them. From my understand there are the following

1) 27/7 Planted + series

2) Ray 2 DS series

3) FugeRay Planted + Series.

So whats the difference between them? Which would be better for my tank? Would T5HO be better?

If T5HO is better, can I just go to home depot and get something like this to save money? or is there something im missing?

Lithonia Lighting 4-Light T5 White High Output Fluorescent High Bay-IBC 454 MV - The Home Depot
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I think it depends on what setup you're after:

High/medium/low light and then the 'tech' side with ferts and co2. Excel is okay, but if you're wanting to go high/medium light then you'll need to explore pressurized co2 and a fert regime due to the size.

there are plenty of posts here about the par levels for those fixtures. So the question back to you is what you're wanting with the tank/plants.

i just set up my 40b with the 24/7 and an old finnex fugeray with co2 and pps pro. I learned the hard way couple years ago that just lights/excel didn't really cut it for most plants besides letting anubias do their thing. there could have been many other factors at play, but i look at planted tanks as a triangle with lights/ferts/co2 and it's a game to balance them all out
I'm using the 48" Finnex Planted+ 24/7 (in 24/7 mode) in my 60g LOW TECH tank. It's working great although the closest thing to a carpet plant I have is Dwarf Sag.
It seems to me this light on max would work for high tech as well, but I'm not certain.
You might want to post your question in the sponsor/finnex forum here.


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I was told by Finnex that their best light for med-high light plants is the FugeRay Planted+ (due to the true red LEDs). That being said, I have two Planted 24/7s and one FugeRay Planted+ over a 65 gallon.
I'm actually using a planted+ (not 24/7) on a low tech 45G. It grows dwarf sag as a carpet along with hygros just fine this way.However,I have some java moss attached to driftwood that I have to trim cause it's going nuts,so this light might be more on the medium side.

I do run a fairly short photoperiod though.

It's my understanding the Ray 2 is higher output,but I wouldn't swear to it.
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