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What should my parameters be with Tetra safe start?

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Just like the title says, what are parameters supposed to look like for the duration? So Im working on a 40g tank, I basically transferred everything from my 29 to the 40. Transferred filter for bacteria, but I also added a fluval 206. I started the tank on 4/22, added TSS on 4/25. It's got some corys and tetras. Everyday I was getting across the board zero readings, and today I got 0-0.25ppm for ammonia, 0.25ppm Nitrite, and 10-20ppm Nitrate. I read a lot about TSS and was sure it'd work. I'm still sure it'll work, just looking for reassurance. I'm assuming/hoping levels will drop by tomorrow. I was informed NOT to do any water changes for 14 days unless parameters get out of hand, then dose some more TSS. Thank you!
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I don't want to get into a big debate on this but my personal opinion of TSS is "snake oil in a bottle" The reason you are seeing the reading you are is because you transferred your filter to the new tank. My opinion


Could not agree more. I had a Fluval 206 filtering my 10 gallon for a while. Upgraded the 10 gallon to a 20 gallon. All new substrate. Used the same filter with media and all on the 20 that was on the 10 and was instantly cycled. No "snake oil in a bottle" needed at all [emoji16]

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