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The thing is, the filter that I transferred wasn't completely cycled. That's why I wanted to add TSS, to "make up" for the remaining needed bacteria. Do you feel the same about all bottled bacteria?(seachem stability and so on) I figured it was just another product, but have read many good reviews of people using it on a fresh tank, unlike mine- Filter partially established, substrate, etc. At what parameters should I do a water change? I'll most likely redose a bit of TSS just to be sure.
Edit: Just found a bottle of microbe-lift Xtreme. It removes Ammonia and detoxifies Nitrite. Would I be able to use this, or will removing the ammonia kill my cycle?
I've used TSS would good results with a fishless cycle. Saw a full cycle in about five days. Pay close attention to the expiration date and avoid it if it may have been exposed to freezing temps.

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