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What should I do with this crazy Anubias?

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I had it planted in the substrate but now it seems to want to grow legs..

Look at the size of the roots, etc.. lol what should I do with it?
Replant it some how? leave it be?

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Leave it be.

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Stick a piece of driftwood under it or some a nice rock if you don't like the way it is currently.
I don't really mind it.. just wanted to be sure I wasn't hurting it by leaving it alone.
It's growing great... :)
I wouldn't do anything till it started walking around.
As long as you don't bury the rhizome it should do fine. You can continue to bury the roots deeper into the substrate if you wanted too, just keep the rhizome above the substrate.
Let me know if that plant starts walking around.

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Ok.. so it finally pushed itself free and is now floating at the top of my tank lol..
Is it ok to cut the long roots down a little so I can replant/re-attach to something?

You should send it to me. :smile:

(Yes, you can trim the roots. lol)
Thanks Laura - I trimmed the roots a little bit and tied it to a rock.. we'll see how this plays out..
It will be defiant forever! You should just give it to me ^_~
Lol I have a lot of anubias with varying root lengths from vertually non to monstrous. I tie each to a glass bead using low poundage clear fishingline and bury the bead in the substrate and leave the rhiszome and roots up, if it wants to it will push roots down into the sand, if not, the bead keeps it from floating ^^ Tieing to rocks, driftwood, or other decor also works. How deep is your substrate?
Pretty by the way, my anubias always get spots of algae on the leaves, what is your secret?

Pretty by the way, my anubias always get spots of algae on the leaves, what is your secret?

So does mine, nothing else in the tank does! Just the anubias.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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