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So, I picked up a couple amonos the other day for my tank and I did a stupid thing. You see, I'm not exactly sure what to feed them. I have three amanos in a pretty heavily planted tank. They've been picking at te plants and the filter so I think they are eating small amounts of algae and whatever. But I don't think there is nearly enough to feed the three of them.

I bought some algae wafers for them but I realized that copper is on the ingredients list. I know copper and shrimp don't mix so I haven't been feeding that.

What (and how much) should I be feeding them. I've seen those really nice shrimp foods in the sale forums and such but is that really necessary for my three little amanos? Is there something I can pick up at the pet store to keep them fed?

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They'll primarily feed on biofilm and detritus within your tank. There's more "food" in there than you likely realize.

Algae wafers are fine - inverts need those trace amounts of copper in their diet.

Feed only what your shrimp can eat in an hour or so and do that only every 2-3 days. That may be a tiny, tiny amount of food.

Great shrimp foods:

  • spinach
  • zucchini
  • squash
  • stinging nettle
  • algae wafers
  • shrimp-specific foods
  • occasional crushed snail
  • leftover fish food
  • Indian Almond Leaves and other leaf litter

You definitely don't have to get spendy with it. Amanos will eat just about anything.
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