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Due to my RCS population in a mixed tank, I have moved to daily 10% water changes vs. large weekly changes to keep hardness values stable and so they don't get forced into a molt. I use a couple of those cheap half gallon plastic fish bowls you get at the LFS (that hopefully nobody ever keeps a fish in) to facilitate the water removal and refill.

Synergistic with this new water change practice, I realized I can also do my daily dosing into the fill containers and then into my tank, which I like better than dumping nutrients, excel, etc... directly in the tank. This way they go in diluted. I have always had a minor concern that a fish or invert could be inadvertently exposed to high concentrates (albeit momentarily) if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is no perfectly safe place in my tank.

Which of these could be mixed in the same 1/2 gallon container of water without worry of reaction/precipitates? I'm not talking about bottling up a mixture for storage, just doing a pre-mix in water that might sit for a minute or two while I prep it before going in the tank:
- Seachem Nitrogen (~7.5ml)
- Seachem Potassium (~5ml)
- Seachem Phosphorus (~15ml)
- Seachem Trace or Flourish (~2.5ml)
- Seachem Iron (~5ml)
- Seachem Excel (~5ml)
- I currently add a several drops of Seachem Prime to each 1/2 gallon fill (I'm assuming this will not denature any nutrients)

I currently already combine these three in one fill container as I don't think there is any issue with these mixing:
- Seachem Advance
- Seachem Stability
- Seachem Pristine
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