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what plants?

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i have a 20g long that soon i will be turning into a hillstream loach river tank. i will be using small river rocks for substrate, with larger river rocks for hardscape. i do not want it fully/heavily planted like my other sand-bottom tanks, but i definately have to have plants. i wanted it to be rather low-light. perhaps only 30-45 watts (i have three 18" light strips lying around with no tanks to put them on)

i like the look of vals floating across the top/back of the tank, and was thinking if i put the powerhead towards the middle, if i could achieve that look with vals and low light?

what other plants would be good for a tank like that? java fern and anubias obviously, but anything else?
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that's about it... you don't want too much plants in a river setup... maybe a moss of some sort can work.
i have some small crypt lucens that would work for foreground plants...
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