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What plants would work with this scape?

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I'm nearing the point that I feel I can start a DSM with my mini m. I have some taiwan moss on order for the driftwood but I'm wondering what plants would make a good impact for this. I'm thinking something behind the rocks near the driftwood to the right sorta sticking out.. and something carpeting.

Tank specs:
Used ADA Mini M
Finnex Planted plus or aquavibrant type P light (gonna order one this week, not sure which one)
Eheim 2213
Dry ferts
NO CO2 (yet) .. Maybe slight excel.
Eco Complete substrate

I've done ok not using co2 so far. I'm going to be getting a setup for my big tanks but I'd like to keep this one low key.

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If you're planning to get planted+ for your mini M I reccomend doing diy co2. I have the planted+ on my mini m and with out co2 I had a lot of algea issues. Maybe try the regular finned light?

For low tech tank, I think riccia on mesh would be a nice carpet and anubas around the tree would look nice.
I just ordered the Type P light and I'm going to have some floaters so the light will be on the low end. I forgot that the par is a bit higher for the planted plus vs the regular fugeray. For now it'll be filtered with a AC20 till I can save up a little bit and get a eheim 2211 or 2213.

I'm definitely going with some anubias nana for the cracks of the rocks. They're easy to remove if I ever have to rescape. I'm going to be doing some taiwan moss on the top of the driftwood. I'm just looking for carpeting ideas and if any plants would go well for the transition between rocks and carpet. I have only done vals, swords and stems before. After reading a lot of plant journals I've realized that there are a lot more awesome plants out there that might do the job over the ones I have experience with. Hence why I made this post :)
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The hardscape is fantastic.

I'd defintely do various anubias on it.
Just saw that my light shipped and ordered a 2213 from Kensfish and it said shipped in less than 30 minutes :icon_eek:

Hubby was kinda mad I spent that kind of cash, but it was birthday money from the folks. I have the eco complete already (5 bags of it for my 55) and I"m going to mix it with the petco sand I have in my 5.5 already so I dont have to use as much.

Hope more people come forward with plant ideas...
I like the driftwood piece you chose, it has nice "roots". How about Helanthium Tenellum? I've planted it for about 3 months without a filter running, fertilizer, CO2, or any additives and it's growing without algae, but slowly. It's currently growing in Eco-Complete with a tank half-filled. Picture is below

Plant Rectangle Automotive lighting Branch Wood
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How about using "Monte Carlo" as the carpet foreground?
Sorry for the delayed response guys.

Any chain swords would get too large for my aquarium and I actually plan on using it as a carpet in my 55.

Monte Carlo seems pretty cool. Can it survive with low ferts and no co2?

I got my Eheim 2213 and my Nano Type P light from Aquatop. If it's not enough light I'll sell it on here and get a finnex fixture.

I was also thinking of just getting a bunch of crypt parva and planting it heavy in the back and leaving the front open with some light river pebbles for contrast.
I heard that the type p isn't strong at all. get a fugeray planted+... fantastic light!

if you want to do carpet, you should inject pressurized co2. However, you could DSM it and have a great starting point when you fill. However, to keep it growing and growing, co2 is definitely crucial. You could do some needle java fern behind the wood, maybe some blyxa in front, s.repens, then your carpet in front. Definitely lots of room to plant everything, that is with the right light and co2! Injection was the best investment I ever made. Without it, you're just limiting the endless possibilities of this amazing hobby!
I find the light to be ok if you had a 12 inch cube but I'm putting it in a mini m and I can't return it due to a friends dog chewed the box so I'm kinda stuck with it.

I do plan to go pressurized after I set up my 55 so I'm looking for low light ideas.

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Just wondering are you going to be dosing with a carbon source such as with metricide -14? But either way I love the wood and rocks. I dont think you will need a ground cover anyway it holds its own well. With moss, anubias nana and anubias nana petite, Java fern needle leaf is my favorite thin leaf one seems a bit shorter and well I wouldnt be a cryptocorne lover without saying a small one of them ;). cant wait to see how you scape it.
staurogyne repens should do good as a ground cover for you it grows well with no c02 and you can keep it trimmed down to a nice little carpet not a conventional carpet plant but it does look good as one and no co2 to boot =)
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