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What plants to add

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I have a 20 gallon tank I'd like to introduce some shrimp into.

Current inhabitants are
- Cardinal Tetras
- Galaxy Pearl Danios
- Dwarf Coradoras

- Amazon Sword
- Anubias Nana
- El Niño Fern
- Dwarf Red Lily

Finnex Planted Plus for lights and CO2 injection with Eco Complete substrate.

Was thinking of introducing some type of moss on the driftwood and possibly something as a ground cover to give shrimps more cover before adding some.

What would you recommend?
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I would recommend starting up a shrimp tank and getting a healthy colony going.

While that's working, you can start planting your 20g to have more dense cover (ground plants and moss are great!). Once you have a good colony going in the shrimp tank and good foilage in the 20g, then you can start introducing some shrimp into the 20g. (as long as it hasn't been treated with copper)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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