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What Plants are these???

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Hi guys I am a semi-beginner aquarist and plant keeper. I was recently given this fully planted 5 gallon tank and I was just curious about the names of the plants both common and scientific. Also I would appreciate any tips you can provide. I actually work at a pet store and I would love to take back any knowledge for my customers that are getting into the hobby or be able to converse with those that have a little more experience without me sounding like I do not know what I am talking about. I am familiar with the basics of cycling tanks, maintenance, and fish care/stocking. However, plants are definitely my weak point. Again any info will be appreciated. Thank you!


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The serrated leaf stem plant with the red/orange stem is hygrophila pinnatifida. The long green plant in what looks like the right of the aquarium looks like needle leaf java fern. The small carpet plant looks like either HC(hemianthus callitrichoides) or monte carlo (Micranthemum "monte carlo")
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