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What Plants are these???

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Hi guys I am a semi-beginner aquarist and plant keeper. I was recently given this fully planted 5 gallon tank and I was just curious about the names of the plants both common and scientific. Also I would appreciate any tips you can provide. I actually work at a pet store and I would love to take back any knowledge for my customers that are getting into the hobby or be able to converse with those that have a little more experience without me sounding like I do not know what I am talking about. I am familiar with the basics of cycling tanks, maintenance, and fish care/stocking. However, plants are definitely my weak point. Again any info will be appreciated. Thank you!


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It's a bit hard to determine what kind of moss you have growing in the tank. The picture is a bit blurry close up. Would you mind taking a close up shot of the moss?
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