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i want to setup a 5.5g nano planted tank with just some cherry shrimp as inhabitance. i want to see if i can aquascape something that small.

for a filter, i'm going to do a little DIY canister with a plastic peanut jar from costco and a powerhead and some tubing. for lighting, i'm going to use one of those metal dome clamp-on light fixtures with a 26w. compact flourecent. DIY CO2 in a 1litre bottle. (yes i know excell would be easier to control, but i hate excell)

so for plants, i wanted to go as simple as possible. i want only 3 plants. i will be using a few small branches from my maple tree as the hard-scape. then i want to do the "island" effect, with the taller plants forming an island in the middle, then a carpet of ground cover all around. the ground cover i'll be using glosso if i can find it. then as mid-ground i'll be using dwarf sag, since i already have a healthy supply.

but i'm not sure what to use as a tall center plant. i would like something with a lacy, delicate leaf structure, preferably a stem plant that can be pruned from the TOP. and i don't want anything with red in it. this will be an all bright spring green tank.
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