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What Patience Can Do

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Here's my 29G tank after 3 months of setting up! Would you believe that almost all these plants started out with just 5 stems each I got for free? Patience is a virtue that a broke college student needs to enjoy this hobby :laugh2: No CO2, just light, water changes, and 2 year old aquasoil from when my bank account still had a comma :laugh2:

Next up, riccia the size of a dime that got caught when I bought some fish haha!



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I mean, water changes is quality time! hehe.

I got curious with the CO2 so I set up the simple the baking soda/citric acid combo but forgot about changing the bps before going to work. Came home with every single fish gasping for air... :( Maybe I'll stick with just being a true low tech tank haha! (huge airstone was placed after 5 minutes of getting home and fish are starting to relax! phew...). Guess that's what I get for trying to speed things up after making a thread about what patience can do :p

Patience is definitely is quite a gift for those with a busy lifestyle! Heck, maybe I'll turn this into a tank journal!
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