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What Patience Can Do

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Here's my 29G tank after 3 months of setting up! Would you believe that almost all these plants started out with just 5 stems each I got for free? Patience is a virtue that a broke college student needs to enjoy this hobby :laugh2: No CO2, just light, water changes, and 2 year old aquasoil from when my bank account still had a comma :laugh2:

Next up, riccia the size of a dime that got caught when I bought some fish haha!



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Nicely done. Patience is often something that's in short supply with planted tanks. That's my favorite part is growing enough plants to fill a whole tank off of a single purchase. I bought five dollars worth of Wisteria a year ago and now my 55 gallon is chock-full of it.

Oh I've taken the shirt off to keep the sleeves dry, but never had the urge to change water in the buff - I reserve that for quality time, a shower, or a dip in the hot tub,
By "quality time" you mean frying bacon, right?
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