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What nutrients should i add?

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I keep them on about 8 hrs a day.

Substrate: mix of gravel and seachem flourite

Plants: Amazon Sword; Java fern; Anubias; Radican Sword; Dwarf Sag; Green Crypts;

CO2: DIY co2

I do run airpump with the co2 as well.

Right now, the tank has some brown and green algae in it.

What kind of plant supplementary should i use to ensure good growth and not having the battle algae?

Thanks in advance!
(P.s. I have boesemanis, and gouramis in there.)
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The plants you listed are either slow growing or very slow growing type.
Except for the Amazon and possibly the Radican Swords.
This link has everything you may need to dose/w. I would say that if you look down
the list till you see package pricing and get the third package deal/w the iron you will
have all you need for over a year of dosing. I say this because the regular dosing
would be three times a week. But with those plants you may need two, but I think
that one dose per week will be enough if you dose the amount shown on the link
that Hoppy gave you, for your size tank.
Using all of the nutrients that the plants need will help insure they grow as best
as they can, which fights algae in the tank.
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