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What nutrients should i add?

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I keep them on about 8 hrs a day.

Substrate: mix of gravel and seachem flourite

Plants: Amazon Sword; Java fern; Anubias; Radican Sword; Dwarf Sag; Green Crypts;

CO2: DIY co2

I do run airpump with the co2 as well.

Right now, the tank has some brown and green algae in it.

What kind of plant supplementary should i use to ensure good growth and not having the battle algae?

Thanks in advance!
(P.s. I have boesemanis, and gouramis in there.)
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Thanks for the reply Diana. All of those nutrients sound quite expensive. If i have a low budget, what are the "essentials" for this particular tank? C H O? Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen?
Also are you saying i should run 3 reactors? I have two currently. And pressurized co2 systems are too costly. Like 500 dollars for a system!
Hey sir, it's not as bad as you think. You can order the EI ferts in a set from greenleafaquarium and have everything you need. When I did diy co2 I actually used 2 2liters and Was using a powerful reactor. I changed a bottle out every week and I venture to say I probably had better dissolved co2 than some others with pressurized co2 and cheap acrylic diffusers.

EDIT: just realized this was a 75.. I,would never try diy co2 on something that big...
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