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what media do you put in a canister filter for a planted tank

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considering changing my wet/dry to my fluval but dont know what media to put in the filter for my 75 gallon planted tank
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From the bottom up, I have foam, biomax, and floss. All my tanks are planted but I'm don't think I would have different media if the tanks were non-planted.
thats it thanks that makes things easier
In my Ehiem, I have the standard media and it seems to work very well.

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Ceramic rings, Lava Rocks, Filter Floss and foam
I have foam, matrix rock, purigen or activated carbon (unlike many), and then floss.
I use 2-Foam20&30 in bottom basket, ceramic rings & BioChem Stars i middle basket & Micron Filter & BioChem Zorb on the top basket of my XP3.
Bottom up:
2 foam pads
ceramic rings
bio balls
filter floss
Whats the difference in media? Does it matter where it goes? (from bottom to top or top to bottom)
yes, it matters.

you want the water to hit the mechanical first (foam), then biological (matrix rock), then floss for polishing. this is bottom-to-top with all canisters I own.
carbon removes a lot of minerals that plants need to grow.
so instead of carbon, most here use Seachem's Purigen,
which removes Ammonia and other toxins, but leaves most
the macro/micro/trace fertilizers plants use in the water.

it's still good to have carbon handy in case you dose your
tank with chemical treatments and medications that may
still linger even after a water change, that carbon removes.
I keep some dry carbon in a media bag for this purpose alone.
Floss, Carbon floss, Purigen, Biowheels (Magnum 350 BioPro)

hehe, yeah, I'm a retard

Some people believe that carbon removes nutients. I believe that may be true, but I like the benefits of it. So, I compromise. Not only that, my carbon kept fouling causing the canister to stall.
sorry, That was a definate n00b question! I'm suprised no one said "go search" haha. Thanks, thou!
i use Purigen, Chemi-pure, ceramic rings...(hydor) they are VERY porous. i like it floss/sponge less, makes it easy for me.
I think this is a valid question, Its always nice to see how others do the same things, and how they do things differently. There's so many choices of media's to use, you just try some and see what works for you. I just have sponge and ceramic rings in mine now, but gonna add some filter floss soon. (just set it up)
I use Eheim media.

from bottom to top:

coarse pad
efhisubstrat pro
fine pad
I use foam, mainly RENA foam pads from top to bottom. I start with the more porous type at the bottom and finer pads on the way up, topped with a polishing pad.
bottom-top or top-bottom depends on the water flow. i have a Jebo canister which the water flow from top to bottom hence i put the foam at the top and ceramic ring at the bottom :)
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