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What leaves do you use?

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What type of leaf for Red Cherries would you recommend putting in the tank for them to munch on? Something easy to get would be nice. I put a Oak leaf in there(after being soaked for a couple days) they don't seem to like it too much.
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I use Indian almond with my RCS, only because I have a large amount of them. I use them in my CRS tanks. I heard of other people using leaves found locally, make sure they are free of pesticides.
They might not eat much leaf at all. What they really like is the micro organisms that eat the rotting leaf.

So in other words, leave the oak leaf in there for a few weeks, and they'll start picking at it.

Also I find that indian almond leaves are longest lasting, maple is shortest lasting
I've used Indian almond leaves but since they cost money I prefer to use free dried oak leaves. If you can get green leaves where you are, shrimp love fresh mulberry leaves.
I have two Large Maple trees so I use them knowing there are no pesticides applied to them or the neighbors trees. They last about a week and if I have too many snails, i just take the leaf out with a bunch hanging on and trash them.
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