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What kind of Solenoid are you guys using?

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As title says, I am going to build my own CO2 system, but I found out that the Clippard is not as good as before. I was thinking to order a Burkert 6011 with Buna-N seals, so I sent a email to the guy, and never get a reply. I am thinking what kind of solenoid are you guys using? THX
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I use clippards. I had one fail after a couple of years but I mangled when I put it on the first time and with every adjustment it only got worse. I cant really blame them for the problem and I have been happy with the others I have had for awhile.
thanks for the reply Bsmith! Have you bought your new Clippard recently? or was it from 6 months ago?
I had a clippard go bad so I replaced it with a Parker that I got off of Ebay. The Parker is much better in my opinion, it doesn't stick open and it's stainless steel, not cast aluminum. I have heard of people having the coils burn up on the Parkers but, I haven't had any issue yet. The Burketts so far, have a better track record than both the ones just mentioned. I would look on the barr report for alternate sources for the Burkett.
any one use the aqua medic solenoid?
i recently made a trade with someone and he had a aquamedic solenoid, along with the co2 setup i got from him. havent had time to set it up yet. but any feed back?
I used a Clippard solenoid for 2 years until I sold it, it never gave me problems.
Thanks you guys. I will go check the parkers, or maybe I just go get a normal burkert 6011.
I've used the regular viton sealed burkert type 6011 without any problems. I've also have a stainless burkert type 6011 w/ buna-n seals.

I only use burkerts.

I know of one source of burkerts where you do not have to wire your own solenoid.
The other burkerts you have to wire yourself.
Clippard solenoids have not changed at all. It is a myth. In industrial use, the fail rate for Clippard solenoids is extremely good. I am not sure why there appears to be so many problems with them in aquarium use. I personally haven't had any problems. How ever the Burkarts probably are a better solenoid.

Clippard also has a non-piston solenoid if you want to avoid the problems of piston based solenoids. But they have smaller fittings.
I also recommend parker solenoids. At $12 a pop there great and I've had mine for 9 months with no problem.
I had a Clippard for 2 years an it kept sticking open , I have place my order for the Burkert 6011 Which are made for Industrial Use and can be run 24/7, Will be arriving next week.
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