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What kind of snail?

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Well, I never purchased these guys, but after noticing them a week ago I'm really starting to like them! They must of came from plants that I recently ordered! So, my question is what kind are they? I just don't want to have a 100 of them in a couple weeks! Should I be worried? This tank is only about a month old but these guys sure seem to help with some of the "new tank algae" that I got.


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Pond snails, so if you don't want 100's of them you better take them out.
Actually, to be clear, you will have hundreds of them if you don't crush them daily.
Ok, thats all I wanted to hear! I will get on that tomorrow! Thanks for the quick replies! Hope tomorrow isnt too late! LOL
Btw, do these type even eat algae, or are they just using my plants as roads to get to their destination?
They eat algae just very soft algae and in small amounts because they have tiny mouths. They like flake food much better. You cant kill them by the hundreds but you will always miss an egg sac.
Maybe you should turn this into a figure 8 puffer tank. Free food!
Make fun of me but it has always worked for me. Goldfish. I've never had my goldfish hurt my plants but he devistates the snail population. I don't know if the type counts but he's a lionhead, about 4 inches long. I drop him in my tank until the pond snails make themselves scarace then put him back in his tank. Just something to think about if you have a huge overpopulation of the pond snails.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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