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What kind of snail is this?

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I just noticed a snail (I think?) in my tank. There is nothing in my fishless cycling tank so I'm guessing it came from one of the plants I bought. Can someone tell me what kind of snail this is and if it's a hermaphrodite? I guess I wouldn't mind 1 snail but I don't really like them and the thought of many of these things grosses me out.. Thanks

Btw it's a little transparent looking, and for reference it's very small ~0.5 cms across


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Looks like a ramshorn to me. Some people consider them pests. I personally like them, especially the pink ones. I have quite a few and they don't usually eat my plants.

But just one will reproduce.
Does this look like it?
if so it is a miniature ramshorn snail. the shell doesn't do a 90 degree angle but more leans against the surface the body of the snail is on.
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Yup it looks like that. I removed it from the tank I hope it didn't lay eggs already.

Is it naive to think if I removed this one, there won't be anymore of his "siblings" ? I don't mean any more snails at all, but at least no more from the cluster of eggs this little guy came from?
good luck getting rid of them. though i agree ramshorn snails are good to have, they clean the tank and don't eat plants. they don't over-reproduce unless you overfeed the tank.
Where there's one there is more. They really aren't a problem though. If you want them gone borrow a loach for a week or two.
there probably are more. They don't cause any issues and stay tiny.
ok.. i guess i'll have to live with them. on the bright side I just started getting my first runners ever so I'm pretty stoked about that! injecting co2 makes a world of difference :D
I have had two types of snails in my tank and had tetras that ate all mine one they realized its food. There is hope. Removing by hand will help as well. I have zero now.
I love snails. If you get some assassin snails you can have a decorative snails that will eliminate the others and they reproduce a lot slower and people will usually want your extras

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Where there's one there is more. They really aren't a problem though. If you want them gone borrow a loach for a week or two.
+1. loaches are the ultimate snail control. I put one yo yo in my tank and within a week all the snails were gone. haven't seen any since. only down side is the little SOB's keep digging up my DHG. oh well, I can live with that in exchange for some very pretty and entertaining fish.
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