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What kind of Shimp????

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Im trying to find the best type of shrimp for my tank. I have looked at and read about several different types but im not sure what the best are. Id like a hardy shrimp that will also clean the tank up. Im leaning twards the ghost shrimp right know because I have some hair algae that is actually clearing up. The only thing is I would like some color in the tank. I like the cherry shrimp for this... Please give me some advice as to what might be best suited for a beginner. Im also wondering how many shrimp I should get for a 46bow. Thanks in advance for the comments!
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In think that cherry will be great for you. They are quite colorful, and easy to keep.
I think most shrimp folks agree that RCS is the best bet for beginners.

Ghost shrimp are cheaper, and I feel would be better for beginners, as long as you don't get those species that look like ghost shrimp but are actually horror stories waiting to happen. You've read around, I'm sure you've stumbled across the threads that discussed those. Too bad ghost shrimps don't have much color :redface:
Cherry shrimps.
They are more fun and colorful,They can breed and you can sell them.

Ghost shrimps they are usually feeders and will have worms and crap.
Ghost shrimp have worms?
thanks frozenbarb, that was pretty disgusting :eek5:

good thing ghost shrimp have see-through bodies, so this can be avoided with close inspection......
Nasty, I am staying away from ghost shrimp and I will stick to cherry shrimp
Definetly RCS. Take advantage of the fact that your fish aren't shrimp eaters. The white clouds may eat the babies, but in a 46 gallon with just 10 white clouds, plenty of babies should survive.
I much prefer the Amano Shrimp (Caridina japonica) over the RCS :thumbsup:
Amano Shrimp are better algae eaters than Cherry Shrimp, but very no other shrimp rivals the Cherry for the combined attributes of ease of care, vivid color, and prolific breeding.
Depends what you want to do. RCS are fun to watch. Amanos are too, but cost more and don't breed in freshwater. Plus, they can be hard to find in the tank (color).
Im thinking its going to be the RCS... Now I just need to find some... Im trying to find some on the swap and shop page but everyone seems to be out right know... Any other ideas??? Thanks
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