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What kind of scapes work best in a 30c?

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I'm getting excited about the start of the fall 2012 semester because it means I get to move back to school and set my tank up again. In the past I have relied on plant placement only to make my tank look good. I have a 30c and was wondering what styles of aquascapes work best in a 12" cube. I really want more emphasis on a hardscape this time.

Help me out and give me some ideas.
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In a cube shaped tank there is the option of doing a symmetrical layout, the hardscape centered in the tank. This could be a rock, some wood, or it could be a specimen plant. It does not have to be done that way, you could still use the golden mean to lay out the tank.

12" is small.
Stick with a minimum sort of set up.
Choose either driftwood OR rock, not both.
Choose just a very few species of plant. Perhaps a ground cover and one species of taller plant. Maybe a 3rd species, perhaps red leafed. Small plants.
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