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What kind of regulator nipple (and washer) is this?

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I have an adjustable CO2 regulator sold on the Net as "CO2 Regulator Deluxe" and "m3 CO2 Regulator"

I use it with ordinary 5 lb CO2 bottle.

This regulator uses a non-standard CO2 nipple that looks as shown in the first attached photo. And in order to provide the tight seal with the bottle it comes with a washer shown in the second photo.

I have some questions about this nipple, which experienced people here might be able to answer. Firstly, what kind of nipple is that? Is it something from CGA classification or something completely foreign? Secondly, is there any place I might be able to find such "stepped" nylon washers? Vendors that sell this regulator don't seem to carry them. Obviously, this nipple won't work with Permaseal, so the washer is necessary.

Finally, if someone has practical experience with this regulator, is it possible to replace the nipple with the standard CGA 320? I was told that this regulator might use metric thread for nipple attachment, but I can't verify it now, since the unit is in use.

P.S. I see it is a known issue (1, 2) but no definitive answer. Stacking several washers/O-rings doesn't sound as a very good idea.


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That looks exactly like the fitting and washer on my Milwaukee MA957 regulator. Go to this web page:

click on the "contact" button on the upper left, and send an email to the "support" email address. Tell them you need to get some new nylon washers for your regulator. They sent me 2 for free, and I know of others that have done the same thing. I don't know of anyone who sells them. You could replace the nipple with a standard CGA-320, if you could get the old one loose. There are many places on the internet that sell them.
Looks like JIS B 8246, normally used in Japan and Taiwan.
The nut is a little larger than CGA320, so it can screw into
a CGA320 bottle. But the stem is the problem.

First batch of Azoo regs (original model, not the current one)
came with this, and Drs. Foster & Smith used to sell brass
adapters (JIS B 8246 to CGA320) for it.

I'm connecting my Azoo (JIS B 8246, original model) to a
CGA320 bottle with an adapter like the one coded D975-R here.
Here is a darkened picture of the fitting listed in the post above:

It really doesn't have the same lip as the Milwaukee, and the washer looks flat. Here is my thread with a picture of my washer on it:

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I think they are the same standard, just a little different variance.
(By the way, my Azoo's connector looks like the JIS standard and
it uses a flat ring.)

Try looking at HK/Taiwan regs selling on eBay, like these

My theory is your regulator originally comes with a flat ring. And that washer is
custom made (around 2x thicker and with step) to make the regulator usable
with CGA320 bottle. They used to put in CGA320 nipple or supply an adapter
with it for US market. But now that washer is the way as it's much cheaper than
the previous solutions.

If you want the adapter and couldn't find it locally, try contacting
the seller of item 250881122073 on eBay.
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After much research, I am convinced that the M3, and the Milwaukee are the same regulator, although I cannot prove it. I suspect that they are both made in the same plant in China, or Taiwan. You may be right, the washer may be a fix measure to use the regulator on a CGA 320 tank.
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