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What kind of plants can I grow with these Specs?

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I just got a Fluval Spec V and I love it. Just one betta in there but I'm looking to make it a planted tank. What can I grow easily with this basic/low lighting set up as far as different kinds of plants and Mosses?? I don't have Co2 set up yet but I may down the road.

Here are the specs right off the Box:

Watts - 7.4W
Lumens - 821 lm
Color Temp - 7000k


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What kind of plants are you thinking? Leafy? Moss?
Im more or less curious because Im interested in the answer also lol
Well I was thinking about doing a heavy rock-scape with some pieces of spider wood incorporated into it.

I was really inspired when I went to the Aquatic Expo in Schaumburg IL a few months back. One of the artists of the Nano aquascape contest was published for his work
The Mind-Bending Nano Aquascape of John Pini

I love the plants he used as listed below:

Micranthum sp. “Monte Carlo”

Riccardia chamedryfolia, Coral Moss, a darker green liverwort moss

Fissidens fontanus, Phoenix Moss

Bucephalandra sp. “Mini Velvet.”

So I would consider any of these types of moss if the lighting is sufficient or any low light plants that could be incorporated. Ultimately I'd buy a small co2 rig if need be. But I'm definitely open to suggestions if you guys have any ideas.
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