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my tank 10 gallon is running on 30 watts on about 6500k and other 8000k shop light. Substrate is Eco Complete Diy co2 dont have drop checker yet but soon
anyways i dose once every week KN03 and k2s04 and CSM+b some iron ,KH2P04

KN03 half of a 1/8 tsp

and K2s04 half 1/8 now will lower to 1/32

and same for csm+b lowering to 1/32

KH2P04 same lowring to 1/32

i just found out that i wasn't suppose to put so much K2S04n csm and KH2P04

my plants are going good, so is the beard algae on my plants, excessive nutrients?
and today i notice that my alternanthera lilacina was leaking tons of bubbles out, in a straight row, damaged leaf maybe?. well bubbles are going everywhere

here is the picture

here a picture of my tank

Ehh? Snail *porn??

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