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What kind can I find?

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AT HOME. I was wondering what substrates can I find at home that I dont have to take my betta out of my tank for ages. I do live near a beach. Sand? then bake it? I dont want to buy ADA or something.

I do also plan to have shrimp. A FYI if that narrows the types

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If you want budget you can use simple silica sand from home depot. A 50 lb bag is 4 dollars.

If you are going planted aquarium you can put greensand, kelp meal, bone meal under some ferrtilizer free top soil, then top it off with sand.

I have done this with great success.
I second the bag of sand. Also shrimp = Betta food, I would plan a separate tank if you wish to keep shrimp
Its Going to happen,
I dont need 50 pounds of it though
put it in your yard haha.
How is cat litter. With thoose little green things in them. Would that work
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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