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What is your favorite tank?

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After selling some OEBT (and my mom getting me a new bumper eventually) I am looking into some Nano tanks! I do like having a lid! I have no preference on glass type or blah blah blah. I would prefer length for i would be putting some Neo's or a few OEBT in there.

Any recommendations? I live 15min from the CO Ikea so I can pick up lights!
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sorry oebt? bumper like a car bumper? i'm confused
sorry oebt? bumper like a car bumper? i'm confused
OEBT = Orange Eyed Blue Tiger shrimp (see my avatar)

I like the 7.5 rimless cubes. They're made by ADA, Mr. Aqua, and Deep Blue Professional.
ADA Mini S, hands down!
ADA Mini M for sure, since it's the only nice nano I've used. :hihi: I'm still quite fond of my 10g from Petsmart, though. Nice little lushly planted shrimp tank.
You can have an amazing aquascape in a cheap plastic rimmed tank. I've done it. But if you want your tank to be an aesthetic element of your room or home, go with a tank like ADA.
My favorite nano is anything that looks good that isn't super expensive. I still think the ADA tanks with all the fancy stuff look good, but I prefer other tanks because they can cost a lot less and look just as good. You can get a rimless tank that looks nice for a fraction for the price of an ADA mini M or S. IMO it's not worth it to spend 2-5x more money on something that has the ADA brand. My favorite nano that I have right now is my Fluval Spec. I like it because everything is hidden in the back and you can even fit a heater in the back. The LEDs it comes with are just ok, but you can get better lights for a good price and grow more plants. I see how ADA tanks can be an "aesthetic element" in a room or home, but it can be easily done with many other tanks. In my mind there is no reason to justify spending $75 on a nano tank, when it is just the glass. It's just not worth it-you can make many other tanks look just as nice for a lot less money.
However, I like to snag fancy tanks used for better prices. A lot of the ADA tanks and Do!Aqua tanks would be perfect, but you just have to find a good deal.
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If you're looking for something small and perfect for shrimp? ADA 45-F or 60-F. They're both shallow and have great length.

Maybe a Mr. Aqua cube if you're on a budget.

If you're on a really tight budget? Pick up a 5.5gal or 10gal and a glass top with hinge.
I like the ADA for sure, but with the heat a lid would be great! I looked at some mr. Aqua, nothing I'm sure about yet.
12L even though i don't own one :(
That's streching "nano"
It might not be so nano but if you want length te Mr. aqua 12 gallon long off marine depot looks absolutely gorgeous!
I'm thinking mini S or mini M. My only concern is the amount of substraight I would rather to have to much, but way to much is overkill.

Looking pretty good! Especially what it comes with!
You know it only comes with the tank, the box it's shipped in and an incredible amount of styrofoam peanuts; Right?
You know it only comes with the tank, the box it's shipped in and an incredible amount of styrofoam peanuts; Right?
...Yes, I mis read it...
I'm going to bite the bullet and buy an ADA mini s with a bag of Amazonia and a lid.
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