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Favorite grade?

What is your favorite grade of Crystal Shrimps?

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What is your favorite grade of Crystal Red/Black Shrimp, and why?

CRS/CBS Grading Guide

I personally love the Grade A/S with the three or four bands. I just really love how the colors alternate and there is a good amount of both colors. S+ looks alright too.

I'm not really a fan of grade C or B, because it looks like a Red Cherry with lots of bold red and a white spots, then I don't like SS and SSS because there is too much white. Though the SS Grade Hinomaru with No-Entry Sign looks kinda cool outta the SS grade.

So if I ever get CRS/CBS I would like grade A/S with the three to four bands.
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You already know my answer to this one ^_^
S grade with three or four bands. I don't like the higher grades...Too plain to me.
S grade with three or four bands. I don't like the higher grades...Too plain to me.
same here.
'a' grade generally has poor quality white or red (see through, patchy) so I like s+. The s+ are strongly colored with some special body feature... Wonderful
Personally I like B grade, nice mix of red, white, and clear.
They are all nice, but I prefer s grade and up! My best crs in my collection are SS. looking to make it to SSS.
I like S grade and up, and really red C grade as well. I think that nice full coloring is much more important than having a hinomaru marking compared to a v-band. I do however think SSS grade look the nicest.

Here's a nice v-band for example:

Imagine how good that shrimp looks at regular size. :)
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I don't care for all these "no entry, crown, etc" things.
I really like the S+ stronger red and white mix not just mostly white.
Yepp, I liked the SS No-Entry Hinomaru ones. Those 2-3 Red markings on the side backs does wonders when you have a few dozen in a lust planted green tank. Brings out the coloration!
Mosura crowns.

A close second would be SS "no entry". There's something about them. I think it's the no entry sign on the tail.
I like SSS because they look like $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

SS double no entry are also pretty awesome.
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