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What is wrong with my tank?

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Is this hair algae?
It is getting worst since I pump up the co2
How to get rid of them?

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I have the same problem. Its a pain to get rid of. I scrubbed the rocks, took out the wood and scrubbed that to. It was in all the moss and growing on plants too. I am cutting down on the lighting times and doing more water changes. Going to cut all my vallis back tomorrow. Nitrates are too high so i read and lights may be on too long. Good luck
It is getting worst since I pump up the co2
How to get rid of them?
If everything was fine before you started using co2 then there is a simple solution, cut back on the co2 or stop using it.
its simple to rid of that hair algae quick.

WATER CHANGE twice a week 50+%

1) Get amano shrimps and dont feed them. They love hair algae.

2) Increase ur CO2 as high as your livestock will let.

3) Increase flow with pump, powerhead, wave maker etc...

4) Dont over fertilize.

5) Less Light!.

Your algae will be gone...
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Recently went through the hair algae attack in a 55G lo-tech tank.
Water changes, cleaned filter weekly, manual removal, etc...
This went on for months on end with the toothbrush removal.

Normally I only test water once per month in the tanks, during a monthly test checked this lo-tech/no-tech tank also.
All good but PO4 was no where to be found.
Dosed this tank with an EI solution to reach 1ppm of PO4 3 weeks ago.
Hair algae is now gone, now dosing about 1/3 EI every 10 days to maintain the 1ppm of PO4.

Just a recent discovery and thought to share!
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