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What is this?

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Can anyone tell me what this is?
Maybe what its worth?
I cant seem to find any info about it
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Looks like a car repair/fix kit for when it breaks down on the road...I would keep it if I were you.
Looks like a general repair kit for a flat tire and such. Probably for a smaller car such as a compact.

Edit: Ninja'd by Caton (and bad spelling)!
FIAT is stamped on the sides of the wrenches
Ahhh, makes so much more sense now....

Just kidding, no clue what that means.
It's a general repair kit for a flat tire as mentioned above. It's used on old classic cars such as the 1968-1972 Fiat 850 Spider. These cars were getting 45 + mpg back in the days. Really a nice classic car. If you happened to find one, they'll run about $10,000 USD and up base on conditions.

I'd would sport one of those cars in that year range. Preferably a 1967 Flat Spider convertible in Black with Beige over the top convertible roof top. :D
If you right click on the picture, it's named:

are they expensive tool kits?
I'd check out some FIAT car forums if I were you, it might be worth something to a collector. It even looks like everything is there.

Reminds me of how some people want to buy my crx floor mats for +300 dollars.
What kind of CRX floor mats cost +300 dollars? Even the original Mugen ones don't cost that much. If it isn't stitched up from Louis Vuitton fabric, it won't cost that much. ;D

When I was a kid I had a job in an auto repair shop. I'd start right after I got out of school and on weekends. It was my job to clean up and place all the tools back in the mechanics box at the end of the day. I'd also do minor mechanical work like change oil, grind valves, water pumps....that kind of thing.

The shop specialized in FIAT and Alfa Romeos. We'd get the odd Lotus and Ferrari on occasion as well. Pretty neat experience for a high school kid.

I'd imagine that the little tool kit may have some value to someone who is restoring an old FIAT. That kit may be the missing piece for a major restore.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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