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What is this?

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Any thoughts on this? I've seen these floating around every so often the past couple of weeks. I have been continuing with my fish level stocking. I think they float around in the current until they snag onto something. Or they grow on something and then break off and float around? This one is on the driftwood and is either 2 strings about 6" long or 1 string about 12" long and wrapped around driftwood at about the midway point. They are opaque white in color and flimsy/stringy. Unless they are something living and growing the only thing I can think of is poop...but if someone in the tank (tetras, corys, dwarf gouramis, bristlenose, etc... nothing very big yet) is dropping 6"-12" poop bombs... :eek5:

Edit: And if anybody can ID that big ugly thing holding a camera phone in the back of my tank...I'll take that info too!


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So this is poop from a dwarf Gourami! Does this look normal? I don't think it does. Both of my Dwarf G's have not been acting right lately. I think I may have a problem!

And my hospital tank is being used as a Quarantine tank right now so I may not have many options.

I need to advice from anybody that might be able to assist!!!!
Test your water... and think about what you have added recently.
I'd net it. Fine shrimp net would be great for this. And then see if you can ID it....if it disintegrates, etc.
I had something similar and found out it was a human hair. :icon_conf
Cat hairs are much
Hopefully it turns out to be nothing to be concerned about.
maybe they were constipated and it finally passed. i know a lot of people use peas (skinned) to aid when that happens.
I think this has been coming on for a while. I have seen the stings before but didn't know what it was. It is some sort of internal parasite I believe.

I bought a few Dwarf G's about 6 or 7 weeks ago before I read a lot of bad things about their quality these days. Found one to have lumps on it's body right from the shop. Took it back but kept the other 2. Those 2 are actually from different shops. One of those started getting those lumps a couple weeks ago. (The one from the same shop that had the lumpy I immediately returned)

Long story short, neither have been eating right the past few days, hiding a lot and today, I started watching closely after seeing that long stringy stuff in the tank. Both have that excreting from their anus. It just gets longer and will finally catch on something and breaks it off their butt. I would bet that pic is a 12" piece caught on the wood and bent in half. Both of them having this even though they are from different shops is not surprising because they constantly displayed, rubbed and nipped at each other.

I have no place to put them since my quarantine tank is full of newcomers so they will likely not make it much longer.

I just did about a 75% water change. By chance, I did an 80% change 4 days ago. Will likely do at least 50% changes every couple days this week.

There are a few of these symptoms that could be a match...

Paracide-D keeps showing as a good med in all the possible matches. I'm sure that is there med so I will need to find a common substitute if I do treat for parasites.

I guess I will call my LFS tomorrow for some suggestions. No other fish in my tank show symptoms but if this a some sort of parasite, I have no idea how long it might take for others to show symptoms and I don't know if I should treat the whole tank now just in case?

I'm open to suggestions.

Edit: I'm thinking tape worms or intestinal flagellates but I really have no idea. Finding something safe for plants and shrimp my be the kicker.

BTW... my water tests fine. I'm still fanatical about water test and do them quite regularly. Yesterday being the last time and like I said, this fish problem has been coming on for some time. I just didn't recognize the signs.
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